Code of Conduct

 19th August 2022 at 8:01pm

This community exists because TiddlyWiki is more useful when people share and work together.

This community is a beautiful but fragile thing: a collection of diverse people from all over the planet, united in their interest in the project, and their commitment to helping one another achieve and learn more.

We try to make the community as broad and welcoming as possible by remembering some basic principles of culture and behaviour.

These principles guide technical and non-technical decisions, and help contributors and leaders support our project and community.

  • We are optimistic and hopeful
  • We aim to foster a learning environment that is collaborative and safe for everyone
  • We recognise that the motivation for sharing and helping is usually for appreciation, and not financial gain, and so we take care to acknowledge and thank the people who enrich the community by sharing what they have created
  • While we are united in our interest in TiddlyWiki, we differ in every other conceivable way. We choose to focus on what unites us, and avoid unnecessarily mixing contentious topics like religion and politics
  • We treat each other with respect, and start with the assumption that others are acting in good faith
  • We avoid discriminatory language
  • We try to use our strength as a community to help others
  • We avoid responding when angry or upset because we try to de-escalate conflict
  • We make sure we critique ideas, not people
  • When we disagree with others we do so graciously, and treat others with dignity and respoect
  • We do not tolerate intolerance towards others
  • We seek first to understand others, and then to be understood
  • We have fun

Our discussions are in English. It is not the first language of many people in the community, nor do we all share the same cultural background and reference points. So we take care to use language that is clear and unambigous, and avoid cultural references or jokes that will not be widely understood.

It is not acceptable to make jokes or other comments that discriminate by race, gender, sexuality, or other protected characteristic.

As an inclusive community, we are committed to making sure that TiddlyWiki is an accessible tool that understands the needs of people with disabilities.