19th April 2022 at 10:17am


TiddlyWiki's nature allows us to operate without any running costs. (See Infrastructure for details of how we currently use the free GitHub's Pages service for the majority of our hosting requirements).

Community Infrastructure

We do need a small amount of money on an ongoing basis to pay the costs of running our own discussion forum at We are also interested in exploring ways to help fund contributors who face financial barriers to giving time to the project.

We use Open Collective to allow you to contribute towards these costs. You can contribute a one-off donation, or make an ongoing monthly commitment. Find out more:

Community Projects

We also use Open Collective to raise funds to support the development of major new features, plugins or community infrastructure. These projects generally involve a small team of individuals getting together and making a proposal to the rest of the community.

For example, the File Upload Plugin Project aims to radically simplify working with attached images.